A complete industry audit and initial brainstorm was conducted to determine what staples a new bakeware brand would need as well as key in on opportunities for new and unique products. At this point we also began thinking about branding, color palette, and a name.
In a saturated market we determined that the best opportunity was to create a fun and whimsical brand that would stand out from the rest. We initially focused on the handles of the 5 primary baker's tools. This would establish the aesthetic and overall mood of the brand moving forward.
The Cupcaker would go on to be the flagship item of the line. Fun and approachable, it makes mixing batter easy. It is specifically designed to hold a standard box of cake mix and all the ingredients that it calls for. A few turns of the handle and you are good to go.
Our goal was not just to create cute products, but add a level of functionality and innovation to everything we designed. These measuring cups and spoons with the locking clip are a perfect example. When the key ring is flipped into position it holds all of the utensils tightly together so that they don't get tangled up on other tools in your kitchen drawer.
The swirl design of these liquid measuring cups make eyeballing a thing of the past. As liquid flows up the incremental steps you can easily read the upward facing dimensions to keep track of the volume.
Playing off of the Push Pop trend we created a family of products that would make these treats easy to create. The Push Pop Pan creates little cakes that fit perfectly into our standard Push Pop Containers. We also created Cake Cutter/Plunger tools in you are going the more traditional route.
The Adjustable Rolling Pin allows you to easily roll out uniform dough while Cookie Feet are a fun way to present your creations.
The Cupcake Dividers and Batter Bottle allow you to create checkered, multiflavored cupcakes and the Cupcake Carton is the perfect way to transport them.
The Long Handled Nesting Mixing Bowls offer great control while mixing and pouring and take up minimal space in storage.
Every piece is the corner piece with the Crispy Corners Brownie Pan.
The Flat Spatula Set provide three handy tools that take up the space of one. The Brownie Rocker allows for smooth, tear free cutting of your brownies.
Here are just some of the many more products developed for Bakelicious.
As a new brand, initial prototyping, manufacturing, and relationships with vendors was critical. I spent lots of time reviewing samples and communicating, via phone, web, and in person with the factories to ensure that every product we put out was up to our standards. All the products above were developed in just under one year with the goal of presenting at the Chicago Housewares Show in 2014. We worked closely with FoxRun on the redesign of their booth to make room for the Bakelicious brand and put our best foot forward. The brand is currently gaining traction and has a very bright future.
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